our own production - competence without compromises.

We don’t deviate a single millimetre from our strict quality specifications. To guarantee that everything is always exactly processed down to the last millimetre, we manufacture our products in our own plant. After all: who can implement our corporate philosophy better than the people who work in our own plant? Production in our own plant, of course, not only enhances our quality: we can also react faster and more flexibly to the wishes of our customers. And when you have everything under your own control, unnecessarily long delivery and reaction times become things of the past.

Quality – the promise “Made in Germany”.

Precision, perfection, efficiency, quality, punctuality: with our craftsmanship, we are glad to implement these well-known German work ethics – day by day. For our clients we deliver solutions “Made in Germany”. Our own production of key components and their further processing to the final product enable us to react flexibly and with short lead times to the wishes of our customers. Our in-house quality control guarantees that all climatt® products always satisfy the most rigorous requirements. And if a project demands an entirely new approach, then we develop a customized prototype in our own plant.

Research and laboratory work – every project begins in someone’s head.

In the beginning is a vision: the intention for an innovative and pioneering solution. In our own laboratory, we allow these visions to become reality. Equipped with the latest in technology, we test function and efficiency from top to bottom. For performance measurements of our own prototypes, or for the development of special project-dedicated solutions, our lab guarantees that each climatt® product keeps the quality promises we make to our customers. Since trusting is good, but control is better, an external testing institute performs the official measurements. We stand for quality under hand and seal.

PMS Systemtechnik GmbH
Industriestr. 5a
D-65589 Hadamar
Tel.: +49 (0) 6433 947 60 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 6433 947 60 - 279
E-mail: pms@climatt.de

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